Platinum Level

DONATIONS BETWEEN $1,001 to $4,999

A Donation of $1,001-$5,000 helps our youth robotics program by:

- Contribute towards the cost of one robot

- Contribute towards the costs of robot parts, equipment, tools and software to build more efficient robots

- Contribute towards the travel costs to 2 regional competitions

PLATINUM Level Sponsorship Recognition:

Sponsor Logo Display:

Provides you brand visibility at the event(s) visited by several hundred people, some of which is nationally televised

- On the Robot (2” x 2”)

- On The Team T-shirt worn by each team member and mentors (1” x 1”)


Provides your brand visibility globally. Robotics teams and other robotic enthusiasts all over the world reach out to each other to collaborate and communicate via each other's websites.

- Sponsorship page will have the Donor's logo linked to the Donor's website for 1 year

Social Media:

Monthly shout out “Thank You” for the donor for 1 year on our social media.


Charging Robotics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations to it are tax deductible to the extent provided by current IRS tax laws and regulations (EIN # 47-3562558).