$10,000 or more

A Donation of $10,000 helps our youth robotics program by:

- Contribute to cover the costs for three robots

- Contribute to cover registration cost for 2 regional competitions

- Contribute towards the costs of robot parts, equipment, tools and software for a season

- Assist with the travel costs for the World Championships

CHAMPION Level Sponsorship Recognition:

Banner Display:

Logo and name displayed and showcased in our workstation area at tournaments and competitions with the sponsor's banner (size 5' x 3' or designated maximum size as allowed by event organizers).

Sponsor Logo Display:

Provides you brand visibility at the event(s) visited by several hundred people, some of which is nationally televised

- On the Robot (6” x 6”)

- Team T-shirt worn by each team member and mentors (3” x 3”) on front or side


Provides your brand visibility globally. Robotics teams and other robotic enthusiasts all over the world reach out to each other to collaborate and communicate via each other's websites.

Page 1 will have banner and link to your sponsorship page. Your sponsorship page will have your logo and your provided message summary (up to 150 words) for 1 year

Sponsorship page with Title sponsorship year mentioned from year 2 onwards for the lifetime of our team

Social Media:

Monthly shout out “Thank You” for the donor for 1 year on our social media and mentions every year for the lifetime of our team


Sponsor can arrange for video shoots (as permitted by the venues), follow the team to the events, conduct interviews (as permitted by the venues) and use the promotional videos for its marketing needs. Expenses for creation and promotion are not included.


Charging Robotics is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations to it are tax deductible to the extent provided by current IRS tax laws and regulations (EIN # 47-3562558).