Control Systems

Our control system hardware consists of the RoboRIO, Power Distribution Panel (PDP), Pneumatics Control Module, Voltage Regulator Module, Talon SRX Motor Controllers, Microsoft Lifecam HD, OpenMesh Wireless radio receiver with a 12V Robot battery.


How we develop

We use Eclipse IDE along with the FRC library in Java and GitHUB for Source Code Control Management. We are using computer vision to make our robot be responsive to the elements on the field and make it much more autonomous.

Our TeleOp focus on gear collection and we take off during the end game.


Java is an object oriented script. It was developed to achieve 4 goals:

  • It should be simple, object-oriented, distributed and easy to learn.
  • It should be robust and secure.
  • It should be independent of a given computer architecture or platform.
  • It should be very performant.
  • It should be possible to write an interpreter for the language. The language should also support parallelism and use dynamic typing.

Java is commonly used to teach students how to program as a first language, yet is still also used by professionals.