Who are we

FIRST Team 6560 Charging Champions is a community driven high school robotics team in Irvine, California formed by students who all share an interest in robotics and STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In 2017, our team has built three robots and we continue to improve our understanding of the mechanical, pneumatic and control system components as we get ready for several upcoming competitions under the First Robotics Competition (FRC) program.

The FRC robotics program teaches and refines the students' STEM skills in robot-building, programming, mechanical design, mathematical calculations, Computer Aided Design (CAD), website development, technical strategy and video production. Our students also learn social media marketing and business skills by developing our business plan and strategies, fundraising and community outreach.

Our team was founded in 2011 at the elementary school level competitions under the First Lego League (FLL) where we competed as the Senior Saviors. We continued the FLL program in 2012 as the Disaster Defeaters. The team was coached by Raj Neervannan and Raja Kolli. After 2 successful years as an FLL team, team members: Anish Neervannan, Arjun Neervannan, Ganesh Kolli, Ashwin Tripathi, and Anish Joshi wanted to continue their robotics experience and chose to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) in 2013.

In 2014, our FTC Team 8660, Charging Champions, had great success as a rookie team and we were the only Orange County team to reach the Super Regionals, one level below the World Stage. Inspired by the success and skills learned in the program, the next year Rithik Lingineni, Rushil Gupta, Nandita Joshi, Noopur Siroya and Pallavi Kolli joined the team.

During the 2015 FTC season, we applied the knowledge and experience from prior years and championed to win the Think Award and Connect Award at various competitions. We also received 2nd place for the Inspire Award. Our team performed well throughout the Qualifying tournaments, Regional tournaments and Super Regional tournaments. At the Super Regional Tournament, out of over 4,000 teams around the world, we qualified as one of 128 teams to move on to the World Championships!

In 2016, we decided to graduate from FTC to FRC, a transition that required a huge step up in the scope of the robot, funding, mentorship, space, and an increase in team membership from 9 to 21. At the Ventura Regionals, our team placed in the top 4 for robot performance, no easy feat for an FRC rookie team’s first competition. We were also awarded the FRC Rookie award for our innovative robot design, strong robot performance, unique history, outreach efforts in FTC and FRC and strong potential for spreading the FIRST message.

For the 2017-18 FRC Competitions we futher expanded our team and will be participating in the regionals in Flagstaff, Arizona and Ventura, California. We had a great season, lots of lesson learnt, memories to be cherished...

For the 2018-19 FRC Seaon with several graduating seniors we futher expanded our team. Our pre-season robot helped bring the new member upto speed. Currently working on our robot to tackle the DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE mission. We are competing at Del Mar, North LA and Ventura.

A short video encompassing our growth over the past 7 years

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